I Survived Another Thanksgiving!

I feel like I should get t-shirts made that say “I survived Thanksgiving 2013.”  Our Thanksgivings are more like a family reunion then a turkey dinner and they can get a bit overwhelming.

There are pizza dinners Wednesday night (we never make those because they are far away from where we are), Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, the circus on Friday.  A group goes bowling Friday night and there is another dinner on Saturday.  See, I told you it was like a family reunion.  Because we drive quite a distance we only make the Thanksgiving dinner and the circus which is still a lot of family togetherness.

There were 47 of us gathered around 6 Thanksgiving tables at my Aunt’s house.  21 of the attendees are under 18.  The food was fabulous as always and everyone was dressed up and looking pretty.





I see people I only see once a year.  Cousins who live in different states. I met a new fiancee, I urged her to run away while she still could but she is naive enough to think marrying into this crazed mess will be fun.  It was a lovely night and my buttons didn’t get pushed by my extended family even once….That’s not something I can say every year…Thank goodness for good wine and anti-depressants.

The Circus was a bit disappointing from the performance perspective but it was nice to see my 47 nearest and dearest again.  The kids had a blast and the Thanksgiving Family Reunion 2013 was a roaring success…I’d still like that t-shirt though.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too.