Why I’m Not Shopping on Thanksgiving


I have been seeing this badge all over Facebook.  I agree with it. I try to never shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.  To be fair, my shopping boycott has nothing to do with making a political statement about people spending time with their families.  I don’t shop because I can’t think of one thing I want badly enough to take on crowds of crazy people.  I have been watching in amazement as stores keep moving Black Friday closer and closer to Thanksgiving Thursday.  It’s just weird.  How does anyone have the energy to move after Thanksgiving meal, little less knock over other shoppers to get their hands on the last Tickle Me Elmo or whatever the toy of the hour is.

One year, Jeff and I did shop on Black Friday.  It is the only time in my life I have done this.  We were visiting Chicago and snuck out of my mom’s apartment at 4am to brave the freezing cold to stand in line for 2 hours in an Office Depot because they were selling good laptop computers for $180.  Getting my children laptops so they would stay off of mine was an irresistible idea.  That was worth freezing off my hind quarters. The folks in line were a friendly bunch, the office depot workers arrived by 4:45am with coffee for all the crazies in line and overall it wasn’t a horrible experience but boy was I tired for the remainder of Friday.  Never want to do that again.

Not only does it deprive me of sleep, Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping seems watered down and obsolete.  With the constant “black friday”-all-year-long promotions online and the ever present “get the best deal before black friday” advertising, why would I try to brave the crazy crowds and miss out on family time to shop?

Families should be together on Thanksgiving.  If your family is anything like mine you certainly don’t have to leave the house on Thanksgiving to be surrounded by crazy people.  I have a house full of crazies right here I can hang out with and Jeff is happy to bring me coffee if it means he doesn’t have to leave the house.