The End

This is my last post of the NaBloPoMo Challenge and I am proud to say I DID IT.  I posted everyday for 30 days.  Sometimes I wrote something valuable and sometimes I just posted a picture or recycled a poem but I posted everyday…and it was fun.  I do like to write and having an outlet has been awesome.  I am on the fence as to whether or not I will continue blogging but am guessing I will…just not daily.

I have at least one more post left as I must summarize my NaBloPoMoW8Lo challenge.  That will have to wait for Monday.  As of Thanksgiving morning I was down 8 pds but I have a very bad feeling that after Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving and today’s 12 hour drive from Chicago back to Atlanta (which included a stop at Sugar’s BBQ in Chattanooga and a giant bag of Chicago Mixed popcorn) that 8pd loss so going to be a Thanksgiving memory.  I am going to cut myself a little slack and do the “official” weigh-in Monday morning.

Thanks for helping me accomplish this challenge!  Now, I’m off to go look at and search for my house…the chickens need a home!