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I Survived Another Thanksgiving!

I feel like I should get t-shirts made that say “I survived Thanksgiving 2013.”  Our Thanksgivings are more like a family reunion then a turkey dinner and they can get a bit overwhelming.

There are pizza dinners Wednesday night (we never make those because they are far away from where we are), Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, the circus on Friday.  A group goes bowling Friday night and there is another dinner on Saturday.  See, I told you it was like a family reunion.  Because we drive quite a distance we only make the Thanksgiving dinner and the circus which is still a lot of family togetherness.

There were 47 of us gathered around 6 Thanksgiving tables at my Aunt’s house.  21 of the attendees are under 18.  The food was fabulous as always and everyone was dressed up and looking pretty.





I see people I only see once a year.  Cousins who live in different states. I met a new fiancee, I urged her to run away while she still could but she is naive enough to think marrying into this crazed mess will be fun.  It was a lovely night and my buttons didn’t get pushed by my extended family even once….That’s not something I can say every year…Thank goodness for good wine and anti-depressants.

The Circus was a bit disappointing from the performance perspective but it was nice to see my 47 nearest and dearest again.  The kids had a blast and the Thanksgiving Family Reunion 2013 was a roaring success…I’d still like that t-shirt though.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too.


One thought on “I Survived Another Thanksgiving!

  1. I LOVE that your family all dresses up. We did that when I was growing up, and I continued that practice during the earlier part of my adult life. On the other hand, the idea that it might be nice to wear something other than jeans has probably never occurred to Mike’s family of origin. Also, my brother and his family rebelled against dressing up and they slipped quickly into the jeans routine. Jeans have encroached on the holiday on both sides of the family!! So, no matter how much I might wish that everyone would dress up and look nice, it’s a battle not worth fighting. You look GREAT!

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