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My Homework Poem

I should have posted this the day after my anti homework post, but I went off on the Unsolicited Parenting Advice Giver yesterday instead. Here is a Rosie poem I wrote about homework.  Enjoy!

“I miss way back,
When I was Pre-K.
We didn’t have homework.
It was better that way”

“Homework’s too hard.
I can’t do it, see!
If I get something wrong,
Kids will make fun of me.”

Rosie was whining,
Jumping and crying.
Rosie was doing everything
But trying.

Mommy sat down
At the kitchen table
“Rosie, stop fussing,
You’re more than able”

“Let’s tackle math first.
It won’t be a chore.
We’ll use cereal for counting.
See…one, two, three, four.”

“Spelling is next.
It won’t take us too long.
We can sing out the letters
to the Little Lamb song.”

Rosie counted cereal.
Rosie sang out loud.
Rosie finally finished.
Rosie was very proud!


With full folder in hand,
Big smile on her cheek
“My homework’s all done!”
Until next week…..

This is my last Rosie poem that I have written. Should I write more? or should I give up my dream of becoming the next Dr. Seuss???


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