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Homework Sucks!

I mentioned in a past post that I don’t fight about homework.  Honestly I don’t believe in it.   HOMEWORK SUCKS and not just for the kids that are forced to do it after a 7 hour school day.


It’s no picnic for us parents either.

A hundred years ago, I did fight about homework.  Typically, a then 7 year old Jack would stare blankly into the chandelier while I danced in front of him counting cheerios, begging him to pay attention and sometimes dare I say it…YELLING.  I yelled over addition and subtraction.    I screamed over spelling words and often one of us ended the session in tears…usually me.  At 15, I’m proud to say Jack can both add and subtract (although  his spelling leaves something to be desired) but I can’t believe these homework sessions were good for either one of us.   They certainly didn’t do much to encourage a love of learning.

Jack was tired after a long day of school.  He wanted to play.  That’s right I said it. PLAY.  Little kids are supposed to play.  They should be running around outside like little hooligans, climbing trees, getting dirty, playing pick up games of basketball.  You know what they don’t need to do more of after a long day of school? Sit for another 3 hours on their ever expanding asses.

Don’t believe me…I actually have some science to back me up. (This is a rare occurrence so I am gloating just a little)

“There is also a growing body of literature suggesting that physical activity has beneficial effects on several mental health outcomes, including health-related quality of life and better mood states.

In addition… there is a strong belief that regular participation in physical activity is linked to enhancement of brain function and cognition, thereby positively influencing academic performance.”


See?  Moving that little body actually helps those little brains develop into bigger brains.  I have nothing against 45 minutes to an hour or so of homework for middle schoolers but when each class gives 1/2 hour of homework – that adds up…often to over 2 hours ! Crazy.  What about music lessons or art classes or a sports team or heaven forbid…down time to just read a book for pleasure?  Maybe 1-2 hours  at MOST once they’re in high school.  In elementary school, no homework EVER.  If they can’t learn it in the 7 hour school day, screw it, they can try again tomorrow.

Our kids will be kids for only so long and then they will HAVE to work 8 or more hours a day.  I know enough adults that still act like children. Maybe if we let our children act like children when they are children, they would stop acting like children when they grow up.  Just sayin’.

P.S. NaBloPoMow8Lo – YAHOO!!! The potluck pound is gone.  I am still not close to my 10 pd goal and am starting to think I may have to admit defeat but honestly, if at the end of the month I weigh less then I did at the beginning of the month it will be a semblance of a win.  Yes, I will have to admit failure at my initial challenge but I will at least be a few pounds closer to my goal.  Maybe I’ll have to continue blogging after the NaBloPoMo ends.  I can write about weightloss just to keep me honest…I know!  I’ll change my blog name to Heck of Hlava WeightLoss…hee hee.




One thought on “Homework Sucks!

  1. After looking at my granddaughters math home work assignment yesterday, I am non plussed. This child is 8 years old and what she has to complete at home is incredible. I would never pass second grade math these days, let alone be able to sit at a table for nearly an hour adding up columns of numbers in the most convoluted way I’ve ever seen. Gheesh!

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