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A Thanksgiving Tree

We had a few folks over for dinner tonight; a sort of pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving if you will.  It was a potluck and I have to say, my friends can cook.  I made a fabulous turkey – I have decided it is all about the brining.  My NaBloPoMoW8Lo tomorrow is not going to be pretty.

As each family came in the door, I handed them a leaf and a sharpie and asked them to write down what they were thankful for.  Earlier in the day I sent CJ outside to find a branch, which of course he did quite enthusiastically.  I had to send him back out a few times as he, like most men, was stuck on the idea that bigger is better.  Eventually, he found a perfect branch and we put it in a vase.  The leaves, that I found at the Dollar Store FYI,  conveniently had a bendy thing on the end so we could easily attach them to the branch.

Viola!  We  made a Thanksgiving Tree.


I truly enjoyed reading everyone’s thanksfuls.  There were the typical; family, friends, health.  And the not so typical; a sixteen year old male proclaimed “Girls.” At least I now know what to get him for Christmas – a Costco size box of condoms.   Then there was 7 year old Kylie’s – “I am thankful for life on this Earth.” You know as opposed to life on some other planet.  Perhaps she, like CJ,  has been watching too much Ancient Aliens.

Leaves-  The Dollar Store $1
Branch – Free from my back yard $0
One of a Kind Center Piece/Proof I need to change the channel – Priceless


P.S. NaBloPoMoW8Lo Challenge – No movement on the scale this morning but I did  end up on a 4+ mile walk in the rain today thanks to a comedy of errors that resulted in me having to double back to see if the dog training zapper thing was left on the table in front of the Publix (don’t ask).  I drank gallons of water but the potluck did not help  my cause.  I am just hopeful the scale does not go in the wrong direction tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.


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