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Another Children’s Story

Today was the first day in a week that I didn’t feel like going straight back to sleep from the moment I woke up. I did too much and then took some Nyquil before remembering that I still had to write a post for today. Ooops. Instead of trying to write something remotely entertaining while struggling to stay awake, I thought that I’d fall back on my pipe dream of being a children’s author (the pipe dream ought to be good for something) and post another of my Rosie poems.

This one is not based on anything cute that Kylie did. I just made it up.

Enjoy…and again only positive comments. My mental state is quite fragile and I can’t handle the truth.

“I will not do it,
You cannot make me,
I won’t get on,
Why can’t you take me?”

Rosie asked Mommy
Her hand by her hip
Taking the school bus
Would be a bad trip

Mommy pulled Rosie
In for a squeeze
“The bus will be fine
You’ll do it with ease.”

They waited and waited
And then it appeared
The long, yellow monster
Just as Rosie had feared

“Good Day“ said the driver
With a big wide grin.
“You must be Rosie,
Come on, Climb In”

Rosie walked up the steps
Looked back at her Mom
Wiped a tear from her cheek
And tried to stay calm.

A little boy smiled,
“Have a seat next to me.
This is Dexter my Dino
My name is J.C.”

Rosie loved Dinos
And Dexter looked neat
“I’m Rosie,” she said
Taking her seat.

They talked about dinos
They talked about lunch
They talked about recess
She liked him a bunch.

In what seemed like a second
The bus pulled into school
Turns out, taking the bus
Was really, quite cool.

P.S. NaBloPoMoW8Lo Challenge – The scale moved a bit in the right direction this morning. I am beginning to think this is directly related to the amount of water I consume. I did not have enough water the past few days and the scale was doing nothing. Yesterday, I was a water fiend. I drank so much water I could have been a fish. And voila…another .5 pd bites the dust….hope I drank enough today…I can’t seem to remember.

Good night!


One thought on “Another Children’s Story

  1. I love this poem and remember when you first wrote it. I can see the bus arriving at school with Dexter full size, smiling, sitting in his own seat, waving. Keep on keepin’ on…

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