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What’s Up With the Chickens?

I am still sick but am going to tackle the chicken issue anyway.  Seems apropos since I just took a chicken out of the freezer to use later today when I make myself some homemade chicken soup. It won’t be as good as my mom’s, it never is.  I am not sure what secret ingredient she is hiding.  She would say LOVE.  More likely it’s paprika or something. Bah humbug!

Even if it is not as tasty as my mom’s, I am convinced chicken soup heals all…maybe it will even heal my broken house hunting heart.

I don’t want my chickens for soup. That’s what Costco is for.  I like all of my meat to look as little as possible like the animal it came from.  I am a boneless, skinless kind of gal.  Unless I’m making  soup.  Then I need a whole chicken, from Costco, not my backyard.

So back to the issue at hand…why do I want live chickens?

I was born in the Chinese year of the Rooster so it’s sort of inevitable that I would want chickens, isn’t it? I’ll probably be a natural at raising them.  After all chickens are in my destiny.  I have done a spectacular job with my Rooster collection.

Another reason, and the most obvious, is eggs.  What I spend in eggs and milk a month could fund a small country. I’d be pining away for a cow too if only I could figure out which one of the six of us wouldn’t be too squeamish to milk it.

Less obvious, but also extremely compelling, is bugs.  Apparently, chickens are good bug eaters.  This is a super bonus for those of us living in the bug laden south.

There is of course the hippy, dippy, crunchy, granola factor.  The idea of raising chickens brings me back to my organic, vegetarian, hippy days.  It makes me feel young and kickass, which these days, only happens when I’m holding a gun.

Chickens can actually be pretty.  Check these little ladies out.


I would have posted these pics directly on my post but have just read that that is illegal so you will have to copy and paste yourself.  Sorry.

But really I want chickens because of what chickens symbolize to me; a simpler, more laid back and yes, kickass lifestyle.

AND if the apocalypse comes, I’ll have eggs…………………………….and soup….

Just in case you’re curious here is my Chicken Soup recipe:
Kate’s Kickass Chicken Soup


You’ll need:
A whole chicken (from Costco)
Carrots, peeled
Onion, quartered (brown stuff peeled off)
Celery stalks
(any other soup/stew type veggies you have molding in your refrigerator – toss the really moldy stuff and only use that which appears edible)
Italian Seasoning
Egg noodles (optional)
Bisquick and milk for dumplings (optional)

Fill up a stock pot with cold water and drop in a whole chicken (take all the giblets and other icky stuff and toss it or boil it for your dogs, they like that nasty stuff), carrots, celery stalks and onion.  Add loads (maybe 3 tbsps) of Italian seasoning.  Simmer everything for 2-3 hours until the chicken falls of the bone.  Pour through a strainer into a large bowl.  Put the broth back in the stock pot.  Pick out the carrots, onion and chicken (celery too if you like cooked celery, I don’t, but to each her own) and chop all that stuff up and return to stock pot. I actually puree the carrots and onions and then add them back to the broth, it prohibits my children from picking out the vegetables. Add salt, pepper and bouillon, if it needs it, until it tastes right.

You can add egg noodles at this point if you like noodles.  My family really likes dumplings so I add some Bisquik dumplings …so easy and delish.  Mix together 2 cups Bisquick with 2/3 cup milk.  Drop by spoonfuls into boiling soup.  Cook for 10 mins uncovered and then covered for another 10 mind or so.   The soup will get creamy and the dumplings are fabulous!

One bowl of this soup and you will be cured of whatever ails you!

P.S. W8Lo Challenge Day 8 – the scale went down a few ounces but nothing really worth  recording on My Fitness Pal.  I am very cognizant of the fact that I will be gaining this weight back as soon as I am feeling better.  Recording anything now seems like setting myself up for failure later.  So suffice it to say, I have no idea where I am in the weight loss battle.  Am just hoping to be able to breathe through my nose tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “What’s Up With the Chickens?

  1. Hi – visited friends in the country today. They have chickens. They were having a wonderful time rustling around in the leaves, cackling and chatting to themselves. They ignored me. But when the owner goes outside, they run to him like dogs. Very funny. I can see why you want them. I like Progresso Chicken and Rice soup. Okay taste – less work.

  2. I generally use the leftover carcass of a roast turkey to make soup. As a New Englander, I make stuffing, not dressing, and there are generally some remnants of the stuffing still inside the bird; this adds a nice flavor. Also, I use rice rather than noodles. It’s hard to go wrong with any homemade soup; someday we need an “all soup” potluck at church! BTW, have you talked with Karen and Steve Smith about chickens? They raise them and have some beauties!

    • An all soup potluck sounds awesome. I make an amazing pumpkin soup…won’t cure what ails you but tastes great.

      I did not know the Smiths raised chickens. I will talk to them if we ever get land…HUMPH!

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