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A Children’s Story

This cold still finds me a desirable host, leaving me feeling crappy and not very creative.  Instead of trying to write something new to fill today’s NaBloPoMo challenge, I thought I’d recycle something I have already written. I have this pipe dream of becoming a published children’s author.  As a mother for the past 15 years I have been forced to read out loud some of the most mindless and painful books.  I figure I could write that dribble and get paid too.  But that is not why I want to be a children’s author.  The real reason is that I am Seussian by nature and love to make rhymes.

The following poem/children’s story is based on a conversation I once had with a then 3 year old Kylie who looked at me with such sincerity and proclaimed, “Mommy, I love you so much there is no room in my heart.”  At that moment, if she had asked, I would have given her the keys to the car.  kh114

Look at that little face….she could have had whatever she wanted.  She is now 7, still cute physically but significantly more snarky.. There are no car keys in her near future ….but I digress.

Back to the topic and without further ado, here is my first attempt at a rhyming children’s story.  

“I love you so much,
There’s no more room in my heart.
Not even an inch,
not one small part,”

Rosie said to her mommy,
As pleased as punch,
’Cause her mommy was special,
She loved her a bunch.

“Not one small part?”
Mommy asked with a grin,
“Not even an inch
For Dad to fit in?”

“Nope, not a pinch…
But Daddy hugs me a lot,
I guess there’s a way,
I can find him a spot.”

“Any more room
For your sister Elyse?
She loves you so much,
You must have a piece.”

“Maybe a corner,
Just one little space.
Elyse did bring me ice
When I fell on my face.”

“What about your brothers
William and James?
They can be fun
when not calling you names.”

“Well maybe a spot
For James and Will too.
But that’s all the room,
No more, I am through!”

“But what about Grandpa,
And Nana and Boo?
What about Dixie,
and Darby and Drew?

“There are so many people
In this world to love,
You have family and friends
And pets to think of!

“Your heart is a muscle
It gets bigger with use,
There’s room to love many,
Even a moose!

“Do you really
Want to only love me?
That doesn’t seem right,
How can that be?”

Rosie looked at her Mommy
With eyes wide and blue,
“There are many people to love,
That is true.

“There is Elyse, Will and James,
Grandpa, Nana and Dad,
I can’t forget Boo,
and there are others to add.

“There is Dixie and Darby,
And of course little Drew,
And Mommy,” said Rosie,
“I will always love you!”

So, what do you think?  I’d love your positive feedback…anything negative please keep to yourself.  I’m not feeling well, have just lost my dream house complete with chicken coop and am in no mood for honest assessments.  Praise only.

PS NaBloPoMoW8Lo – Week one of the weight loss piece of this challenge has gone well as I am now down 3 pds.  Of course 1.5 pds is due to this horrible cold so in a way it feels like cheating but screw it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not proud.  The only problem I see with counting that 1.5 pds is that when I feel better and start to eat more than Gingerale and saltines that weight will come back….oh crap…I hate dieting!


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