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Dixie, Dixie Doo – What Do They Do To You? – A Wordful Wednesday

When I blogged before I used to take part in Wordless Wednesday.  A blog hop where the blogger would just post a picture and then jump from site to site commenting on other bloggers pics.  I am not going to do Wordless Wednesday because the pictures I am about to share require some explanation. …so on to my Wordful Wednesday aka Ways I Torture Dixie.

Meet Dixie…..

dixie 7

Dixie is my little lap dog.  She is a 9 lb (on a good day) Chichonpoo.  Never heard of a Chichonpoo?  It is the redneck version of a boutique dog and a heck of a lot cheaper.  Dixie’s mom was a Poodle/Bichon mix who  got knocked up by the Chihuahua up the street. Hence, the breed name Chichonpoo.  I coined it myself.  For $70, complete with shots and a few toys, Dixie got a one way ticket to Hlavaland…a version of hell for any dog with a sense of pride.

The rest of my family is not too keen on her.  Jeff calls her a pseudo dog and it has not gone unnoticed that both of our cats weigh significantly more than she does.

The little dog is dumber than dirt but sweet as pie. It is almost impossible to train her because she is…well…just stupid. She won’t sit on command but she will come, which, considering what we do to the poor thing, is truly amazing.

Dixie is an amazingly good sport.  Here are some photos of the things Dixie has been forced to endure.

She has been placed in the mouth of a T-Rex for a photo op.

dixie 4

She has been dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day.


and blue for softball tournaments…(yes, I used the plural, we have done this for multiple tourneys)

dixie 1

She has been dressed up – just because we can…doesn’t she look pretty?

dixie 5

and dragged on long car trips.

dixie 6

But don’t feel too sorry for little Dixie-doo.  Her only job is to look cute and put up with us.  She is well fed; eating Blue Buffalo Small Bites which cost a fortune, but seem to cause no gastrointestinal issues, as well as an occasional homemade meal of ground beef and rice.  And she is well loved, just check out her sleeping arrangements.

dixie 3

P.S. NaBloPoMoW8Lo is going pretty well.  I lost another .5 pd which was unexpected yet quite pleasing.  I received some disappointing news this morning, nothing tragic, but a bummer nonetheless.  The Halloween candy, even though all my favorites are gone, was almost eaten in abundance to mask my stress and make me feel better.  Note I said ALMOST.  Due to this challenge, and the fact that I only have 24 days to lose 9 more pds., I did not resort to candy.  Instead I made myself a high protein breakfast and drank 3 huge glasses of water.  Yay me!


One thought on “Dixie, Dixie Doo – What Do They Do To You? – A Wordful Wednesday

  1. I swear that dogs have feelings too.
    Our little Penelope who is typically happy, bouncy, wiggly and full of life is in desperate need of a haircut. She is looking like a Rastafarian dog.
    This morning I noticed her staring at the strange looking dog in the mirror and sulking around. I truly believe she knows she is a walking disaster area (until this Saturday at 9am… when I am sure I will be charged more than the typical $35 for her grooming).

    Our poor dogs and what they go through.

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