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The Voice of Reason is 13

Challenge Day 4, I’m still not thin,
But I sure like to make fun of my daughter Quinn.

geek quinn

My daughter Quinn is actually a 100 year old woman in the body of a 13 year old.  She is so damn practical that sometimes I have to question which one of us is the parent. She worries about everything. I worry about Quinn.

I decided to check out LifeTime Fitness, this snazzy gym near our house, and I brought Quinn with me.  Looking back, I don’t know why I thought bringing her would be a good idea.  We were given a tour by a super cute guy with a thick Latin accent whose name escapes me.  Clearly, I wasn’t looking at his name tag.  We shall call him Handsome Guy.

The gym is more like a country club with work out accoutrements.  There was a spa, a café, a 0 depth pool.   Every class you could ever imagine at a gym; the place is awesome.  Handsome Guy gave us a tour of every fabulous nook and cranny.  We returned to his office to receive a low down of the prices, along with the whole you-have-to-join-now-or-you’ll-lose-this-great-albeit-still-super-pricey-deal speech.

I was texting Jeff, telling him how I was going to get all buff at our new gym.  If I look kick ass shooting a rifle, imagine how I’d look with Sarah Connor arms.  Quinn looked at me with wide concerned eyes. She spoke to me in the same tone that a mother uses with her toddler who is insisting on a cookie before dinner, and said, “Mom, think about it. How often are you really going to use this place?  Yes, it’s pretty but it’s very expensive.  You don’t go to the Y now, what makes you think you’ll come here more?  Besides you said you were just looking today.  You should go home and think about it before you sign up for a year commitment.”

Really?  Who the hell was this person talking to me like my conscience?  She is 13 for heaven’s sake. She should have been pushing me to join RIGHT THEN OR WE’D LOSE THE GREAT DEAL!!!  And seriously Handsome Guy was reason enough to show up regularly, couldn’t she see that?  Oy, she would make Dave Ramsey so proud.

I felt like a chastised child.  We left without signing up and went across the street to the mall where I bought Quinn a girdle, a walker and some orthopedic shoes.

PS –  W8Lo Day 2 did not go as well as it had started.  I stayed away from the Halloween candy but my mom is in town and took us to Hibachi for dinner.  On the plus side I didn’t gain weight. On the negative side, my perfect diet day was lost to a Teppanyaki Combination of sirloin and shrimp. HUMPH!


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