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Write I Shall….

Day One of the Challenge is here at last

NaBloPoMo is gonna be a blast!

I am so excited to be blogging again.  There was a time when I blogged fairly regularly but it’s been years.  Life got in the way; work, kids, dogs, my futile attempts to get in shape. It all conspired to keep me from writing.  Some would say that I could have made time by giving up my Ancient Alien addiction, but when the Greys return to Earth, I will be ready, will you?

As a fabulous (read adequate) mom of four, a wonderful (read bitchy) wife, a stellar (read perfunctory) employee and a perfect (read horrible) housekeeper, there is just not much time left in my day to express myself creatively. My children would say I express myself at the top of my lungs regularly but that’s not creative…that’s parenting.  I had given up writing entirely and was feeling badly about it.

As if reading my mind, this past Monday, my friend, Paulette Beete of The Home Beete mentioned the NaBloPoMo challenge. (Try saying that ten times fast!) Not only do I have difficulty resisting a challenge but it felt kharmic.  It is time to make some time for myself, be creative, write regularly, jump back into the blogoshere.  Plus, I can’t let Paulette think that I am a lame, loser, wannabe blogger who can’t post for 30 days in a row.  I’d rather get a pap smear.

…so write I shall…

I have no plan, I have no niche, I have nothing… Just a desire to write, a crazy family to write about, and my Ancient Alien hour to write during…not to mention a super cute blog name – thanks to my old boss and good friend, Diana Whitney!

How hard can this challenge possibly be?


2 thoughts on “Write I Shall….

  1. Glad you are back in print! And so pleased you like the title I suggested. I kept thinking how you celebrate so many holidays and cultures and it seemed to fit. Am anxious to read your postings. Congratulations

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